Relief from Pain & Strengthens Back Muscles

  • 18 Massage Modes
  •  Adjustable Intensity
  •  USB rechargeable
  •  long life battery
  •  Auto timer 
  • Wired Connection
  • dual port (A and B)

  • independent control per port: intensity and modality
  • 20 intensity levels
  • compact, lightweight, and portable


HiDow TENS Unit AcuXPD-S 18 Modes EMS Dual Independent Channels Electronic Pulse Massager

Hi-Dow Tens / EMS Tens Unit Muscle Performance device by blocking the pain signal from nerves, but also can help toning, firming and improving the strength of the gluteal muscles.

Independent intensity and 18 mode control through each of its 2 channels

HiDow Tens device sends multiple preset electrical Pulses waves through the electrodes. The waves stimulate the combination of deep tissue pain relief techniques and various muscle movements, relieving muscle tension; this unit is lightweight and portable, you can stimulate nerves, muscles and relax your body anytime anywhere.

Our technology has helped promote relaxation, revive energy, and improve blood circulation. Experience a pain management solution that’s gentle on the muscles with effective results.

Smart Therapy
A complex array of bio-electrical signals make pain management highly personalized,
State-of-the-Art Design
Our portable, lightweight, durable design makes it convenient to receive treatment anywhere.
Adjustable Timer
Sit back and enjoy the deep, relaxing sensations without having to worry about going too long.
Powerful Signals
Mimics realistic traditional Chinese massage (TuiNa) sensations and acupuncture technology.
Re-usable Electrode Pads
Self-adhesive, silicon electrode gel pads make it easy to target specific areas that need it the most. 


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