• Works with wireless remote models only.
  • Does not work on its own. Requires a device to operate it.

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Additional receiver for the wireless
models Pro Touch 6-12 and Wireless 4-9.

This receiver is universal and can be
easily synchronized with the Pro Touch 6-12 and the Wireless 4-9 in order to
extend the number of channels for one device.

The Pro Touch allows 6 receivers and the
HiDow Wireless 4-9 will run 4 receivers on one remote.

 There are many benefits to a wireless TENS unit.
Use it while you’re having a cup of coffee or going for a walk. But over time,
your wireless receiver can become worn out after normal wear and tear which
calls for a new one. Don’t pause your pain management solution. Replace your
wireless receiver today, and have it delivered immediately.


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